Monochrome Monday with Alina Valitova

aah feels good to be back on track, I just spent the last couple hours going through all the fabulous submissions we’ve been getting via email and on our Flickr group. There’s wonderful stuff guys, keep it coming!!

Onwards with our usual Monday program. I’m a fan of Alina’s black and white portraits, especially because of the nice high contrast and texture she’s got going in these. It adds to the character of her subjects, creates a bit of cinematic atmosphere.

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Monochrome Monday with Eddie O’Bryan

I vaguely remember seeing Eddie’s picture Girl With Umbrella somewhere on the web, a while ago. And not surprisingly, given how beautiful it is. Luckily I came across Eddie’s work again and was able to sift through his accomplished portfolio.

His black and white photography is very elegant and technically some of the most mature monochrome work I’ve seen in a while. He has got a distinct style, alternating between grandiose portraiture of women and some Westonian-style captures of flowers or bell peppers.

Girl with umbrella

Calla Lily

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