Some more great work by members of the Berlin-based artists collective KLUB7 – this time from their member DiskoRobot. His sharp, trippy and insanely meticulous drawing rendition of the alphabet is freakin mind-boggling. I actually used to find a bit of pride in all my crappy little triangular doodles on my school pages. Now I’m wondering if I’ll ever even try to draw a pyramid again.

DiskoRobot is without doubt a maestro of such detailed and yet abstract  hand-lettering works. Check his page for way more great stuff.

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Since I moved to Berlin I’ve been trying to find local artists and groups to feature, in order to feel more part of the community. In doing so I was contacted by an amazing artist & design collective named KLUB7.

Composed of 6 old friends, this group creates a huge range of different kinds of illustration and design – often making use of found materials, walls, boxes, all sorts of things. Their website has such an incredible amount of work to display, it comes across as an archive of great, colorful and certainly original artworks.

More importantly, the members Kid Cash and Otto Baum will be exhibiting their great projects at the Neon Chocolate Gallery (Berlin) starting this Saturday and running until April 5th.

It’s hard to sum-up the work of 6 über-productive artists in one post – so we’ll be featuring them separately as time goes on, as well as documenting a visit to their studio sometime in April.

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