Mixed Media Color Blend by Michael Cina



Mixed Media Color Blend by Michael Cina

Mostly falling under the design category, Michael Cina’s work encompasses a vast range of traditional and digital methods, sometimes mixing both while other times staying within one or the other. I was initially struck by these stunning blends of mesmerizing colors, producing liquid textures and pristine shapes. They almost look like alien and microscopic living forms.

Michael Cina is one of the great visual artists with Ghostly International  (which includes great musicians such as Tycho, Gold Panda and Com Truise), founder of Cina Associates and creator of inspiring visuals for True is True.


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Mixed Media Color Blend by Michael Cina

Mixed Media Color Blend by Michael Cina

Mixed Media Color Blend by Michael Cina

I absolutely love the work Aakash Nihalani does using such simple material as brightly colored tape. He re-shapes the urban landscape, either by emphasizing a certain perspective or creating an entirely new dimensions.

Via Visual News

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I’m one of those people who grew up completely absorbed in the digital world of music. Mp3 has always ruled over my music collection – mostly because it is unavoidable and I couldn’t live without it. But the dream of having a record collection is very familiar to me, it’s a feeling of wanting to own the music in a much more physical way – the medium is also going through an undeniable revival in the electronic music scene, which fuels my desire for vinyl as well.

Nevertheless, vinyl is still a thing of the past, and most people remember records in a similar way Paul Octavious does – his Grandpa’s collection. Being a visually creative person, Paul not only remembers sitting and listening to records with his Grandfather, but also remembers the spinning colors and patterns on the disks – the essence of which he captured in this series.

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I’m not entirely sure what to call this project by Elena Kulikova – she hasn’t labelled it as anything in particular. Which isn’t surprising if you go through her great portfolio; it features many other kinds of visual experiments with photography.

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I love this kind of work and feel bad for not featuring enough here. Luckily I came across Matthew’s work recently – it’s great to see such daring and energetic stuff out there.



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Lost Coast / Nor-Cal


Polish illustrator/muralist and printmaker Wojciech Kołacz (a.k.a Otecki) is an accomplished multi-disciplinary artist. A little browse through his wonderful portfolio will give you a glimpse into a his fantastic world of strange creatures, beautiful patterns and earthy colors – all this communicated through murals, sculptures, prints and vinyl covers.


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blockprinting process from otecki on Vimeo.


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