Exhibition & Art Performance: KLUB7 & Le Bocal [4.10.13/09.10.13]

I’ve been a fan of the work KLUB7 does since I moved to Berlin (interviewed for Art Sponge back in April ’12) and am glad to announce some of their upcoming events:

In Spring 2013, LE BOCAL hosted KLUB7 art collective in Lyon. Strong links were forged between both crews and the idea of carrying the work elaborated together naturally popped up. In order to experiment together and push further the graphic exchanges, both collectives came up with the idea of setting a second meeting, on KLUB7’s ground in Berlin.

1. KLUB7  X  LE BOCAL  X  MIRAMODE ORCHESTRA (facebook event)
4.10.2013, 09:00 pm
Urban Spree: Revaler Str. 99 (map)

09.10.2013,  07:00 pm, free entry
Urban Spree: Revaler Str. 99 (map)

A Quick Visual Guide to dOCUMENTA (13)

If you make it to one exhibition this year, make it dOCUMENTA (13). Sure, it’s not next door (unless you actually live in Kassel, Germany), and everything won’t necessarily be to your taste – but there’s no doubt everyone can find art they’ll love in this gigantic display. There are over 300 participants, eight main venues, lectures, lectures, seminars, congresses, films, and poetry readings..etc.

Continuing the unique and fascinating dOCUMENTA  exhibitions, this thirteenth edition is “dedicated to artistic research and forms of imagination that explore commitment, matter, things, embodiment, and active living in connection with, yet not subordinated to, theory. These are terrains where politics are inseparable from a sensual, energetic, and worldly alliance between current research in various scientific and artistic fields and other knowledges, both ancient and contemporary.” (C. Christov-Bakargiev)

“dOCUMENTA (13) is driven by a holistic and non-logocentric vision that is skeptical of the persisting belief in economic growth. This vision is shared with, and recognizes, the shapes and practices of knowing of all the animate and inanimate makers of the world, including people.” (C. Christov-Bakargiev)

I’ve put together a few visual insights from the various venues which might help some appreciate the variety in media, scale and boldness in this unique exhibition. You’ll find the link to the venues in the credits. It’s recommended you spend 2 days in Kassel if you wish to see the entire range of artworks.

Gordon Bennett
Home Décor (after Margaret Preston) #1, March 1, 2010, Acrylic on linen. Venue: Neue Galerie. Photo: Anders Sune Berg.

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The guys over at the Hard Workers Club have been hard at work (duh…) organizing an Independent Photography Festival in Melbourne, Australia (April 2nd to 8th btw Aussies). A lot of great photographers are going to be exhibiting their work there, and amongst them David Boyson Cooper’s photography particularly struck a chord with me.

David captures beautiful cinematic landscapes while on walks – the person walking in front of the camera adds a great sense of adventure to all these shots too. These pictures get me even more excited about my summer adventure plans.

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Here are some fantastic shots from photographer Haley Jane Samuelson for her series The Indecisive Moment. This series has a very interesting concept, worked out in collaboration with professional dancers.


“The photographs from  “An Indecisive Moment” attempt to locate the specific rhythm and buried consciousness of a particular moment in time, and work to communicate the feminine experience on the threshold of adulthood. Working with dancers from the major New York Dance Companies, the work is largely concerned with the meaning and existence of womanhood in today’s unstable, fragmented world…”

Have a look at the rest here. Haley’s work is on exhibition in the Hous Projects Gallery in NYC until the May 8th.

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Since I moved to Berlin I’ve been trying to find local artists and groups to feature, in order to feel more part of the community. In doing so I was contacted by an amazing artist & design collective named KLUB7.

Composed of 6 old friends, this group creates a huge range of different kinds of illustration and design – often making use of found materials, walls, boxes, all sorts of things. Their website has such an incredible amount of work to display, it comes across as an archive of great, colorful and certainly original artworks.

More importantly, the members Kid Cash and Otto Baum will be exhibiting their great projects at the Neon Chocolate Gallery (Berlin) starting this Saturday and running until April 5th.

It’s hard to sum-up the work of 6 über-productive artists in one post – so we’ll be featuring them separately as time goes on, as well as documenting a visit to their studio sometime in April.

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