I find that Maurizio’s photography goes well with several of this last week’s posts –  such as photography by Sasha Kurmaz, David Boyson Cooper or Toby Price. Although their photography differs in many ways, there is a common thread in terms of the unprocessed and rather raw aesthetic of their photography.

As with many photography aesthetics these days, this raw-style does not lack in its imitators. The Vice-like shooting style has become common-place across the Tumblr platform and floods most Flickrstreams these days. All this does for someone like me is make it more time-consuming to sift through all the crap, but then again all the more rewarding when I come across greatly skilled photographers.

Maurizio is also part of the team behind Disturber Magazine – a zine well worth checking out.

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You might have seen the amazing viral video Doll Face directed by Andrew Huang – but have you seen his most recent short film Solipsist? if not, you are missing out on something absolutely mind-boggling.

There really aren’t many words one might find to describe the journey Andrew Huang takes the viewer on through this video – and in fact I’m having a hard time finding anything he’s personally said about the project. Maybe it’s better left that way. There is however a great making-of video, that I posted along with the original.



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