Photography by Anna Ådén

Okay, I’m convinced of having featured Anna’s work a whhiiile back, but I can’t even find her article in the archives. All that means is it’s long overdue for us to post a few of her fabulous photographs. Anna has got an eye for capturing beautiful scenery with angel-like figures standing exactly as to make each photograph look like a painting.

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Daniel Gebhart de Koekkoek

I love Daniel’s style of photography, he’s got a great narrative take on things but also a fantastic way of composing his pictures.

Most of the time I find that a photographer’s eye is trained to observe certain patterns or conflicting patterns in our everyday surroundings. Then it’s all about framing it the right way for these seemingly mundane details to catch our attention. I’m not making much sense this morning, but Daniel’s photography is a perfect visual explanation.

via It’s Nice That

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Amber Seegmiller

Amber’s Vanity Series is mesmerizing to say the least. She creates celestial worlds around the head of these girls, collecting what she describes as “girls with intense hair styles”. I’d say that’s almost an understatement given the exceptional quality of these pieces; especially in the meticulous detail and overflowing colors.

My take on it would be “girls with extraordinary hair styles.”

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Guess Who

Well, I guess I’m breaking my own rules a bit here and showing you guys my own stuff. Why? Because I feel like it and it’s my blog after all :D that’s the beauty of it.

Anyways, These two photoshoots were a great relief after so long taking crappy pictures of coffee mugs.

The first one was Claudia (the one with the short hair). Claudia is beautiful and smily, and a shy (yet daring) young woman. We hung out at one of the nicest parks of my city (Montpellier) and decided to rebel against society and run into the bamboo forest. This turned out to be so much better than I’d expected, with the light coming through the trees and a huge lonely tree in the middle.

The next day I met up with Anna, whom I’d asked to come along to a photoshoot during a party a couple of days ago. She gave a different atmosphere to the pictures, a bit more careless and free. We went back to the bamboo forest and her long crazy hair was flying all over the place. It was glorious.

Un enorme Merci a Anna et Claudia

Anna under a bridge, with really crappy graffiti everywhere

Anna being a lioness in the bamboo forest

Claudia giving me the eye

I’d sure appreciate some feedback on this stuff guys, this blog has reached a reasonable amount of readers per day however the comments section never seems to pick up. Speak up !

more stuff up on flickr and dumplr

Nic Persinger

Nic’s pictures make me want to go camping again. His work is beautifully simple. I chose pictures mostly taken in the nature because the tones in his forest backgrounds are amazing. Combine that with a dress, a skirt, or a full-on nude and you’ve got the basics to Nic’s great photography. Naturally you need talent like his to make it this perfect:

a while ago I was super excited to have my new nifty fifty. Well that fun only lasted a couple of weeks, the young lens is already heading back for repair… back to the old 18-55mm

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