Cute and funny illustrations by  French illustrator Vaïnui de Castelbajac – in this series Vaïnui builds on witty word-play to create little scenarios.

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Wait. wait. wait. what?

That just about sums up my reactions to Li Wei’s awesome acrobatic/stuntsman/scaffolding/staged photos. Have a nice weekend, and please do not try this at home (unless you’re wearing bright pink tights – that seems safe).

Via ItsNiceThat

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Dear readers, I hope your weekend went well, and your St. Patrick’s day – if you enjoy celebrating for such frivolous reason (I know I do).

Keeping with collage-style illustrations, I hope you enjoy these little artworks by Mathilde Aubier as much as I do. This French illustrator creates cool textured characters with sponges or cats or other things as body parts.

Sponge Worthy


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Portrait intérieur

Un gat en el cap


I tend to avoid using the adjective “weird” as a compliment while referring to someone’s artworks – but after having a look at Ted Parker’s funny and weird drawings you might agree with me. The cigarette-smoking-dog has to be my  favorite, but they are all so hilarious – and potentially creepy if seen in real life.

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