Sometimes I find myself searching a bit too hard for a certain type of photography. I seem to forget that sometimes it’s the simplicity in photography that makes it so beautiful. I think this particularly applies to Mac Scott’s pictures.

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Matt Wisniewski has mastered the skill of digital collage, superimposing all kinds of images like landscapes, architecture, clouds or waves with people’s faces and creating beautiful creatures.

cheers for the tip Clara!

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Here are some beautiful shots taken by French photographer Leo Berne (aka Leo le bug). As he explains on his website, Leo takes pictures “like a tourist” and that’s exactly the feeling I get while going through his images – they’re full of diversity in places and atmospheres – although Leo isn’t like a tourist in the sense that he doesn’t take shitty pictures, like most tourists do.

Leo is the director of the collective MEGAFORCE, and produces great music for a well known French label – Chinese Man Records.

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Drawings by Eduardo Flores

I love artist statements. That is, I love reading or listening to an artists’ literal interpretation of his or her own work. It gives a wonderful insight into how to read the works in question. In fact, most often when I read a great statement I find that it gives a comprehensive explanation of my emotional reaction to the artwork. For me, the words alongside the artwork actually deepen my attachment to it.

Here’s Eduardo Flores’ statement on his stunning drawings:

“The way people internalize what happens in the world is unique to the individual. My work shows how this can lead a person to different internal extremes. My aim is to reflect the resulting consciousness and anxiousness through a series of questions related to one’s state of being.

My current body of work depicts the inner debate that confronts the ego as a mediator for the demands of individuality and as a self-energy that keeps fanatical vigilance over its survival. The fundamental quest for turning individuality into a delusional existence. A series of characters immerse in a non-stop battle of energy. Positive against destructive.”


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Monochrome Monday with Anastasiya Lazurenko

I’ve rarely seen so many beautiful girls all photographed inside one portfolio, but Anastasiya definitely seems to have collected quite a number of them. She’s also managed to take all sorts of awesome shots with these girls, some of them being quite explicit and yet keeping it in reasonable constraints in others.

All in all, her works has a subtle sensuality and an arresting authenticity.

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