I find this series of photographs by Michael Wolf absolutely stunning. He has captured the strange and uncomfortable beauty of metro travellers in huge cities – in this case,  Tokyo.

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Syouhei Uchikawa

At first I was a bit intimidated by Syouhei’s 2500 pictures on his photostream. But I couldn’t resist posting some of these great portraits he took. Enjoy

I’d also like to announce we’ve got a Flickr group !! this new addition is for all you people out there who want to submit some of your best pictures to be possibly selected for the blog :)

David Lee

[vimeo http://vimeo.com/4172062]

Very cool experimental work here. I really like the sun rays from the airplane and the whole trip on top of the bus. You should watch this just for the Donnie Darko rabbit :)

David Lee has does some great filmmaking, I especially appreciated his music videos.

Naomi Okunaka (Minato)

Whenever you look at pictures of food on menus or ads, you never really look at the pictures, or at least I didn’t until recently. But once you realize how actually perfect most food photography is, and you try it on your own, it makes you realize the expertize needed in this type of photography. Naomi is one of those experts, I’ve had her in my Flickr contacts for while now and its always a pleasure to look at her work. Through her photography she brings out the particularity in simple household objects, and her pictures of Japanese food or other tasty meals makes you want to go spend all your piggy bank money in the nearby sushi express.


Minato works with Canon (woop!) and very large aperture lenses like the 50mm F1.8 (which I’m proud to be getting in a month) or the 35mm F2.0. Obviously she uses these lens perfectly, the depth of field in all her shots is perfect and the bokeh is beautiful. Bokeh is a Japanese word for the blurry spots in a picture, its a big deal on Flickr, and its only once in a while that I discover a photographer that manipulate this as well as Minato.

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