I’m one of those people who grew up completely absorbed in the digital world of music. Mp3 has always ruled over my music collection – mostly because it is unavoidable and I couldn’t live without it. But the dream of having a record collection is very familiar to me, it’s a feeling of wanting to own the music in a much more physical way – the medium is also going through an undeniable revival in the electronic music scene, which fuels my desire for vinyl as well.

Nevertheless, vinyl is still a thing of the past, and most people remember records in a similar way Paul Octavious does – his Grandpa’s collection. Being a visually creative person, Paul not only remembers sitting and listening to records with his Grandfather, but also remembers the spinning colors and patterns on the disks – the essence of which he captured in this series.

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Brilliant concept by Jean Shin, and brilliantly executed. I’m a fan of works that focus on the phenomena of progress in technology – not necessarily in the use of the newest technologies, but on the contrary in using old and recently obsolete technologies to show the ephemeral aspect of our tastes/trends/technologies.

Although I wouldn’t be one to argue that records are entirely obsolete – respect to all the die-hard audiophiles out there.

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I’ve expanded a bit from my originally shorter article only featuring Hilland’s work on Sparks by Rôyksopp since I found Hilland’s video for the same band’s song Eple. Both songs and videos are fantastic, and although they obviously follow the same technique, they’re completely different in the feeling; partly due to the songs I think as well.

I’m extremely curious to know if there’s a name for this technique or process – if anyone has info, please share!

Directed by Thomas Hilland

I noticed Tim’s photography when reading this great article on one of my favorites music/visual artists: Tycho. The first two shots are from Tim’s editorial shoot with Scott Hansen, and he definitely captured an atmosphere reminiscent of Tycho’s world (most of which you can find on Scott’s well-known blog ISO50). The other shots are from Tim’s personal work; beautiful overlays of pictures with similar lush and warm tones.

a side-note for Montrealers: Tycho & Beacon will be playing on January 16th at Il Motore. I’m so bummed I won’t be here for it, hopefully they’ll play in Europe someday…

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