In the Studio with: Klub7

I’m really excited to get started on this regular feature. Hopefully over the next few months I will be visiting various artist studios and capturing a little more insight into various creative processes. If you’re a Berlin-based artist or collective with a studio-space, and have interest in sharing insight into your creative process, drop me an email.

First up, the great Klub7 group – previously introduced here for their recent exhibition.

Earlier this week I had the privilege of sitting down with members Ingo Albrecht (aka Disko Robot),  Christian Heinicke (aka KidCash) to talk about the things that ignite their creativity and how they keep their work so fresh – hat tip to Mathilde Ramadier for helping make this happen.

The other members of Klub7 are Dani Daphne, Mike Okay, lowskii and Otto Baum  .

It’s not ‘Street Art’.

It’s hard to pin-point the exact type of work Klub7 does since it spreads across so many formats. For instance, the group might work on a huge mural one day, but then the next they’ll haul a load of scrap wood off the street to use as support for intricate designs.

Yet they’re quick to point out that the urban nature of their work doesn’t mean it has to be labelled ‘street art’. In fact, defining the constantly evolving state of this group’s work with such a flimsy label as street art is simply unfair (as a side note, I’d say the debate around this sort of categorizing is roughly equivalent labeling a band’s music as ‘indie’).

KLUB7 best of 2011

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Since I moved to Berlin I’ve been trying to find local artists and groups to feature, in order to feel more part of the community. In doing so I was contacted by an amazing artist & design collective named KLUB7.

Composed of 6 old friends, this group creates a huge range of different kinds of illustration and design – often making use of found materials, walls, boxes, all sorts of things. Their website has such an incredible amount of work to display, it comes across as an archive of great, colorful and certainly original artworks.

More importantly, the members Kid Cash and Otto Baum will be exhibiting their great projects at the Neon Chocolate Gallery (Berlin) starting this Saturday and running until April 5th.

It’s hard to sum-up the work of 6 über-productive artists in one post – so we’ll be featuring them separately as time goes on, as well as documenting a visit to their studio sometime in April.

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