Sarah Bernhard

I started going through my Flickr contact list seeking the next photographer to expose, when it dawned upon me: I can’t believe I haven’t put up the work of .ultraviolett (Sarah Bernhard)!!! she’s one of my favorite photographers on Flickr and one of the first I discovered there too. I think what I like the most about Sarah’s photos is how they all flow together, she has a particular style of tones and composition that makes her pictures very distinct. Its really enjoyable to view her stuff in a slideshow.

After going through her portfolio there a few more things I love about her photographs, the words coming to my mind are detail, texture, color, context, peace, harmony. If these words don’t come to your mind, thats because we are all different.

While I was writing this article I listened to a bit Sarah’s library, and even though said I had a low compatibility with Sarah’s music, I found I like a lot of her music. Some of the highlights were Grizzly Bear, Wolf Parade, Logh and Dntel.

her portfolio
her blog

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