Monochrome Portraits a photography project by Trine Søndergaard (quotes from this interview)

“The images balance  between the darkness, the color, and the introspection that are their subject — or rather it’s where they balance between all three elements that I think
they work best.”

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Lady Things, 2008, Robyn Cumming


Lady Things, Robyn Cumming, 2008

Lady Things, a 2008 photography series by Robyn Cumming.

“If Robyn Cumming were a creature she would be a troll baby because they’re small, creepily strong and totally adorable. If she were an object it would be a stack of 500 million 10 dollar bills which, in turn, would be used to buy more objects. If she were an emotion it would be laughing that turns into coughing…and then dry-heave style crying.”

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Shard of Light , 2011

Thought Form (Tetrahedron), 2011

Beautiful light sculptures by James Nizam, made using sunlight and mirrors:

“Nizam, who has worked on various projects in abandoned houses, shot the pictures in a vacant property in Delta, Canada, after negotiating access from the local government. For the Shard of Light image, he cut a one-inch wide slit from floor to ceiling through the main room the house, and diagonally across the veiling from the corner for several feet; at midday the sun moved into alignment with the cut, concentrating a perfect shard of light that he documented with a large format camera.”

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on myth and magic no.3: zero, 2009, Wendy Given


on myth and magic no.14: chrisalis, 2009, Wendy Given

Wendy Given’s 2009 photography project On Myth and Magic:

“I am very interested in photographing images that resonate in the deep, dark and unstable ground between consciousness and collective memory. These mysterious images of objects and scenes, the places between reality, metaphor, allegory and fiction, are constructed to evoke and honor humankind’s fascination with “myth and magic”. Ultimately, my intent in producing this ongoing body of work is to address and foster visual ideas that are accessible as cues for opening up universal narratives.”


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