Update: Ordinary Life Stories by Sébastien Tixier

I featured Sébastien’s ongoing series a long time ago, and it seems fit to give you a little update on this great project now.

Here’s the concept behind these pictures:

“This work is made out of short “stories”, each showing a different approach in the representation of a same questionnig about happiness, waiting or Time. In an effort to offer various ways of reading, these stagings try to address the subject with a poetical view on dreams and desires.
In these stories, the subjects are by turns presented in flimsy cheap backgrounds, anonymized in the web of everyday routine, or shown as the woman/child lost in the childhood dreams of “big girl” and the “big girl” she actually became.”

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“Histoire de vies ordinaires” by Sébastien Tixier

Sébastien’s series “Histoire de vies ordinaires” is extremely meticulous and fascinating.

It is a symbolical and conceptual take on the anonymity of the our everyday routines, and people lost between the grow-up/child universes, amongst other photographic approaches to the questioning of dreams, desires and relations to the world.

Sébastien’s work is loaded with creativity, thought and curiosity.

also check out this interview he did at Ilovethatphoto.net

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