I find this series of photographs by Michael Wolf absolutely stunning. He has captured the strange and uncomfortable beauty of metro travellers in huge cities – in this case,  Tokyo.

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Fascinating work by Frederic Fontenoy.  Produced between 1988 and 1990, this series captures body movements and contorcions at its most liquid state. Honestly I have no idea how these movements look without the long exposure – or even what the person looks like. The metamorphosis effect is so perfectly achieved it’s as if we are looking at some swiftly-moving boneless and living shape.

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I’m one of those people who grew up completely absorbed in the digital world of music. Mp3 has always ruled over my music collection – mostly because it is unavoidable and I couldn’t live without it. But the dream of having a record collection is very familiar to me, it’s a feeling of wanting to own the music in a much more physical way – the medium is also going through an undeniable revival in the electronic music scene, which fuels my desire for vinyl as well.

Nevertheless, vinyl is still a thing of the past, and most people remember records in a similar way Paul Octavious does – his Grandpa’s collection. Being a visually creative person, Paul not only remembers sitting and listening to records with his Grandfather, but also remembers the spinning colors and patterns on the disks – the essence of which he captured in this series.

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Here are some fantastic shots from photographer Haley Jane Samuelson for her series The Indecisive Moment. This series has a very interesting concept, worked out in collaboration with professional dancers.


“The photographs from  “An Indecisive Moment” attempt to locate the specific rhythm and buried consciousness of a particular moment in time, and work to communicate the feminine experience on the threshold of adulthood. Working with dancers from the major New York Dance Companies, the work is largely concerned with the meaning and existence of womanhood in today’s unstable, fragmented world…”

Have a look at the rest here. Haley’s work is on exhibition in the Hous Projects Gallery in NYC until the May 8th.

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It’s hard for me to describe how much I adore Julia Hetta’s photography. She is able to captures images of such perfection it’s as if they were photorealistic paintings. This series blends so many aesthetically beautiful details together – the wrinkles in the textiles seem to layer upon the softly textured background – while the soft focus, along the model’s wet hair and clothing, give an impression of paintbrush strokes. As I said, it’s hard to make sense of this through words.

Via Conscientious.

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I really like this Polaroid series by Lúa Ocaña, the idea is original and it’s really well executed. Lúa also did a great job of framing her models within the shadows of windows or doors – it gives another great dimension to the idea of skin.

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It’s very rare for us to feature an artist three times over a year (or two), but there’s no way around Anna Ådén’s photography. These latest shots are a mix of several series she put together, and although I generally prefer sticking to one theme/series per feature, I couldn’t resist in this case.

I haven’t the faintest clue how she captured the first images, whether it’s her insanely good camera skills or some digital enhancements – in any case, she has visibly mastered this craft. Such beautiful stills.

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With the recent closure of the space shuttle program, photographer Neil DaCosta and art director Sara Philipps and re-touch artist Saskia Thomson got together and created this great series of Astronaut Suicides. There’s a sort of dark humor flowing through the series, and it goes flawlessly with these visually arresting photographs.

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