Dream Diaries by Vaka Valo

It’s hard to tell what Vaka Valo is going for in this rather abstract series of mixed-media artworks – but then again, if these are snippets of dreams, it’s hard to tell what goes on in dreams generally. But there’s definitely something fascinating about the world Vaka Valo creates in this series, it’s as if a pink-textured construction manual came to life and took an absurd and disturbing twist.

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French illustrator Julien Pacaud not only seems to have had the coolest career-turns (as “astrophysician, an international snooker player, a hypnotist and an esperanto teacher”) but also creates the coolest collage-style illustrations.

His works portray the strangest human/intergalactic scenarios – with the greatest titles such as “Labyrinthic Love”, “The End of the World Fanclub” or “Concerto for Two Rifles and Bird”.


Labyrinthic Love

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