Our friends over at Atem Books recently gave me a heads up about their first book for  iPad – it’s entitled Tusk and features the wonderful photography of Ana Cabaleiro to the soothing sounds of the Irish band Moths (I highly recommend their song Heart – you’ll find it on the sidebar music player).

Personally I’m afraid the iPad is at the top of my unobtainable-but-dearly-wanted list and therefore cannot enjoy this gem. But I wouldn’t hesitate if you’re an iPad user – $4.99 well spent.

Naturally, I’ve feature some of Ana’s delightful photographs; they’re dreamy and full of glowing sunlight.

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Summery Photography by Wilson & Vanessa

I’m quite aware there many of you who aren’t enjoying summer weather right now, unlike us in Montreal (not that we don’t deserve it after what winter is like here), so here are few sunny pictures captured by the photographer couple Wilson & Vanessa.

Enjoy your day, wherever you are.

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From the Archives: Teardrop by Carles Rodrigo

As some of you might know, Art Sponge turned three years old not long ago. That means a lot of great artworks featured here have been lost in the archives over the years. Although I’ve done this sporadically in the past, now I’d like to keep a regular feature of artists retrieved from the archives.

Let’s start off with some new work by talented photographer Carles Rodrigo. These pictures are part of his series Teardrop and by the looks of it Carles has been busy updating his portfolio with beautiful shots, full of life and sunlight.

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Katherine Squier

You know the orange-like color the sunlight takes in the last hours before sunset? or the slightly more orange color from the street lamps at night? I’m obsessed with it. So finding Katherine’s work today really made my day, I was so happy I forgot about the theft of my canon charger from my luggage for a while (but not too long).

Go check out the rest of her Flickr, it will get you so excited about taking pictures you’ll forget to put clothes on.

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