I’m dying to know how Annalee achieves such wonderful color combinations in her photography. It’s hard to tell what’s what in her pictures, with such highly contrasted details mixing with dark and unnatural colours – all this adding to the great magical vibe.

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Last time I featured Reuben’s photography (like, 2 years ago) his photography was mostly portraiture, whereas nowadays Reuben seems to focus more on landscapes. He has kept a common thread in this theme change however, and that is the completely psychedelic way he captures people and nature. These days Reuben travels to the most remote places such as up North in Svalbard  or in the Chilean desert of Atacama in order to capture these mesmerizing scenes.

Website / Flickr.


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Dark & Obscure Illustrations by Matthew Wade

LA based illustrator Matthew Wade creates images that, quite frankly, are hard to forget because of their subtle ferociousness. In most pieces Wade gives us glimpses into dark and heavily obscure worlds where yellow headed children cry blood, seahorses with skull heads float among dull flowers and all sorts of other demons live. It’s beautiful and it’s grotesque.

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Drawings by Eduardo Flores

I love artist statements. That is, I love reading or listening to an artists’ literal interpretation of his or her own work. It gives a wonderful insight into how to read the works in question. In fact, most often when I read a great statement I find that it gives a comprehensive explanation of my emotional reaction to the artwork. For me, the words alongside the artwork actually deepen my attachment to it.

Here’s Eduardo Flores’ statement on his stunning drawings:

“The way people internalize what happens in the world is unique to the individual. My work shows how this can lead a person to different internal extremes. My aim is to reflect the resulting consciousness and anxiousness through a series of questions related to one’s state of being.

My current body of work depicts the inner debate that confronts the ego as a mediator for the demands of individuality and as a self-energy that keeps fanatical vigilance over its survival. The fundamental quest for turning individuality into a delusional existence. A series of characters immerse in a non-stop battle of energy. Positive against destructive.”


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