Eugene Plotnikov

I’m totally blown away by Eugene’s work. In fact, there’s so much going on in this artwork; I feel better giving you his own description of his work, from this interview:

“My work is a dark, twisted reflection of self, each individual piece mirrors a part of me. My emotions and deep subconscious are cosmically distorted resulting in an inter-dimensional glimpse at who I am through pen and paper.

My creations also narrate the words I know not to exist, to describe how I feel, my interactions with other people and often questioning perception, morality, fear and death. Recently I’ve been exploring themes of emotional connection, isolation and dependence.

My past artwork intends to make commentaries on various issues in the world, such as government and religion. I aim to revert to these ideas in the future as right now my work is fueled by the inner-self, rather than my perception of humanity.”

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Grant Cunningham

To say Grant’s work is strange would be an understatement. This Montreal-based artist creates worlds with crazy colors and patterns, in which live weird and twisted creatures. Yep, this is dark eerie stuff, and yes it’s amazing.

You may understand Grant’s process more by reading this. Here’s an excerpt:

“Art has always been my way to process and filter what I come across, what I am subjected to, or what I subject myself to each day; a way for me to exorcise the demons on my shoulder. The paintings are empathic, often inspired by the individual’s strength in the face of their own weakness. The common thread in all of my works is survival of self.”

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