You might have seen the amazing viral video Doll Face directed by Andrew Huang – but have you seen his most recent short film Solipsist? if not, you are missing out on something absolutely mind-boggling.

There really aren’t many words one might find to describe the journey Andrew Huang takes the viewer on through this video – and in fact I’m having a hard time finding anything he’s personally said about the project. Maybe it’s better left that way. There is however a great making-of video, that I posted along with the original.



This is a great little series of video portraits by the creative studio Present Plus.

In these 60sec video clips – Artists, entrepreneurs, designers and rain-makers offer up an insight into the individual, their motivations and what really makes them tick.

David Lee

Very cool experimental work here. I really like the sun rays from the airplane and the whole trip on top of the bus. You should watch this just for the Donnie Darko rabbit :)

David Lee has does some great filmmaking, I especially appreciated his music videos.

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