It’s difficult to completely present Jim Cowan’s project l’Inconnu because it spreads across three different series, but the idea behind these portraits is quite fascinating in essence. The project is split between three parts, the first capturing the white ageless and almost genderless faces, the second (featured here) focusing more on the balance between creation/destruction and body/sculpture, whereas the final is more focused on threshold between life and death.

Although tackling some gigantic themes I find Jim’s series really well put together and this part in particular does a great job at illustrating the fine and fragile line between aesthetic perfection and destruction.



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Sanne Noorlander

I really enjoy Sanne’s work because of the hard white sunlight that hits her subject’s faces, without making very dark shadows. It kind of goes along with the very blank look her models have in their eyes. Something I see quite often in other photographer’s work but rarely with as much beauty in it as in Sanne’s pictures.

Aeschleah DeMartino

There’s something magical about the pictures Aeschleah takes with her lover. This hotel series is my favorite part of her work, mostly because it has such a genuine and perfect vibe to it. Also I really like the recurrent whiteness of everything, the bed sheets, the walls, the curtains and the sunlight add to the pure beauty.

her portfolio website has an insane amount of other great works too, check it out

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